Thursday, June 22, 2006

Canaries on Rye With Cheese

The Canaries showed up at The Backstreet last night with a hankerin' to pluck and grin. Luigi Canarioso (He's adopted) was playing some Italian guitar tunes from a long time ago for the crowd as they chomped and chatted round their sandwiches. They did a bunch of that, nearly obliterating the graceful virtuosity of Senor Canarioso. But the tips seemed reasonable.

At Luigi's first break, the Canaries grabbed the stage. I played a rendition of Del Shannon's "Go To Pieces", but the key was lowered a step due to a capo malfunction. So the money note was chump change. Still, a few went to pieces with me.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection followed with a snappy run through of his standard, the "Oobie Doo Song" from the Jungle Book. He really rips with that one. It's to bad he can't dance.

Liam Canary sang "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" with aplomb. He gets better everytime he sings. The genetic propensity for song is rearing it's lovely head with this kid.

We closed the evening with a three part harmony version of "I Shall Be Released" which was sweet. But I must confess to a wee bit of air uke, as the chords fled my head. And there are three of them.

Princess Canary then suggested we do "Amazing Grace" a cappella, which we did. It didn't have the polish of previous performances, but the song always floats the soul. And Princess was lyrical on her part. Again, the lovely head of genetic propensity.

There is a small memorial near the entrance to the Backstreet near the jasmine. It is a dedicated to R. Dyer, a man who was unmatched in his involvement in theatre in Rio Nada. He was a mentor of mine during the acting days. He cast me in my first play at Rio Nada College. It was Man of La Mancha, the first of 8 or so productions of The Man... I have done over the years. He was a teacher, a director and an actor. He used to sit in the chair below the plaque every afternoon, pulling slowly on his cigarette. He died a few years ago. In his last show he played a somewhat daffy and addled actor named Henry. His last line, just before his exit was "Remember me in light!" He was gone a few months later.


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