Monday, June 26, 2006

He Was Lost, But Now He's Found

I found my friend P. Justus Price after 25 years of nothingness. He got out of Rio Nada while the getting was good. Went to Eureka. Then, and this is where he made a mistake, he returned to Rio Nada for a woman. And like most things in town, it didn't last. So he made like a sheep and got the flock out here.

He has been hiding in Sacramento working for Willie B. Now he's an environmental lobbyist.

P. Justus was in LA doing political stuff at Paramount Studios and when he was finished, we met in beautiful Claremont at the famous Folk Music Center. We goofed around with ukuleles and bazoukis, talked with FMC Jerry and then tootled around the corner to a place known as The Press, a trendy, hip, hep and tasty bistro. Megan the waitress brought us a bottle of Ravenswood Merlot and sliced her finger open upon opening the bottle. Could it have been a cheap tip ploy? Did she take us for a couple of chump hayseed touristas from Sunnymead?

Maybe. We were talking loud and cussing a lot.


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