Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Back to the Blahg

It's been just over a year since I posted in this space. I inadvertantly clicked on a setting that changed everything I wrote or read on my Blah-g into Swedish. For the last twelve months I have been studying the language. Finally I've arrived at Chapter 12 "Feefter Ufter Blahgshtat Oofter Doofter", which explains how to change everything back. I am returned to the mother tongue at long last.

The Past Year in a Nutshell:

1. Liam Canary bought a Fender Telecaster and a '72 VW Hatchback within a week of each other.
What's left to do?

2. Princess Canary was in a production of High School Musical which sold more tickets than Elton John did when he performed at the same venue some 30 years ago. She was that good!

3. I appeared as the Innkeeper in my 27th production of Man of La Mancha. The only La Mancha role I have yet to appear in is Aldonza.

4. Brother Atom Bomb of Destruction and I have formed the Rio Nada Ukulele Liberation Front (RULF). Watta joyful noise.

5. We now have four dogs: Shiva, Dil, Moka Lotion, and Zombie Battaram.

6. Mother Canary has moved to a shiny new assisted living joint run by Romanians. The food is much better than the Tower.

7. I have been blessed more than once by a Rabbi for the mitzvahs that I have done.

8. I have lost track of Gelsang Rak Ma, a Buddhist nun Vivage and I were meditating with.

9. I saw Patti Smith in Santa Cruz with Albie, the Rabbi's son, after a whirlwind auto tour of Central California during which I visited Annie Yak near the Zaca Fire and bought a beautiful Terry Meade ukulele in Cayucas from an angry/funny/friendly ex-surfer guy whose cousin I went to school with, coincidentally. The ex-surfer guy was angry at his landlord and moved his whole uke shop to Morro Bay. Rightly so.

10. Albie and I ate at a great restaurant called" Boneheads" in Lake Forest, near Laguna Beach.

My 2008 wish is that all my friends would come live with me and we would eat every night at a round wooden table and when we were finished we would grab our ukes and play and sing until the moon disappears in the west.


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Just make sure everyone does their own dishes.

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