Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Holiday in the Sun, pt.1

I went to Solana Beach by myself this time. It was both great fun and acute dullness.
I drove into town just in time to clean myself up and make the drive down to the Old Globe in Balboa Park in San Diego. World Class theatre is to be found there. Lotsa Broadway bound productions.

They have a summer rep series that performs three of Shakespeare's plays in repertory. On our last visit we saw a remarkable Othello.

I was on my way to see A Midsummer Nights Dream. It was hilarious and romantic and sweet and full of itself. The fairy scenes were ephemeral, magical. And very funny. In each scene the sense of "otherworldliness" was captured very nicely. A nice contrast to the mortal earthly scenes.

Three nights later I drove to the Globe again to see Titus Andronicus, one of Will's bloodier plays which was, in this production, done up with a lot of schtick and giggles. Who would of thought that a play in which a mother's sons are fed to her in a meat pie as an act of revenge would be hilarious? It was. Also, some very nifty stylistic presentations of blood and mayhem.

In all three of the Globe Shakespeare offerings, the acting was exquisite.

I always feel I'm in a holy place when I'm in a theatre. And I often leave feeling renewed or cleansed somehow.
Even when the show is stinking up the house. Merde!


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