Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Folk Music Center in Claremont, California

Bro Atom Bomb and myself were honored with an invitation to the Folk Music Center's 50th anniversary party in Claremont, California.

Boy are we lucky!

It was a casual night of singing and virtuosity by knowns and unknowns. It was a crowd of friends and neighbors standing and sitting among the FMC's many instruments and museum pieces, eating, talking and singing out loud. Jackson Brown, Ben Harper and Chris Darrow appeared and reappeared in different musical configurations with old folkies, musicologists, local sages and just plain joyful players and singers. All friends at an exquisite evening.

And when it was over, we all sang "Goodnight Irene", a bellowing loud and sweet crowd of crooners, songbirds, harmonizers and honest people with a singular purpose.

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