Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Miss Stitt

Miss Stitt taught me to read at Victoria Elementary School. She was my first grade teacher and today I saw today in the obits that she died at the age of 93.

She had been married to the same guy for 60 some years and was a member of the Victoria Club, a Country Club here in Rio Nada and that she was an excellent tennis player. The obit listed all the adventures and jobs she had had in her life.

But none of them could compare to my first grade class, I'm sure.

Leon, Phillip and me must have had her near to crazy. And Ricky Franke and Mike McNeill, too. We weren't bad. We were just first graders. Although a few of the aforementioned are now in the Big House

It's not Mike, tho. He drives a a steam driven train somewhere in Washington.

Famous opera singer Patricia Schuman was in that class. She lived in the neighborhood. I hope Miss Stitt knew how successful Patsy became in the opera world.

Funny. I was thinking of writing a letter to the editor of our local stooopid stooopid newspaper about the proposal that teachers carry guns. I was going to say how strange it would have been to have seen Miss Stitt with a gun.

I don't think she would ever, ever carry a gun.

I can very clearly remember Miss Stitt teaching me to read the word "Look" from the Dick and Jane Big Book. As if it were yesterday. She used these hand gestures and mouthed the word over and over until our little brain light bulbs lit up.

"Look!" we chirped.

I wish I could tell her that I buy and read books all the time and that my kids do too and that we love the magic and wonder that reading brings to us.

Miss Stitt was the beginning of many glorious and amazing adventures!



Blogger Donita Smith said...

Aw, sweet. Very nice post, Bill.

My first grade teacher was a witch who poisoned my entire school experience from the get-go. I'm glad you got a good one.

11:12 PM  

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