Friday, July 07, 2006

The Woodchuck Ukulele Orchestra

The P.T.A. at Woodchuck Elementary School, where I sometimes work, has agreed to fund a ukulele orchestra made up of fourth graders. They will buy the ukes and I will supply the ukeful knowledge. This could be a seismo-cool thing, or it could crash and burn like a wad of poi entering the atmosphere. I suspect it will be the seismo-cool thing. I hate poi.

This is how I see it: 10 or so kids dressed to the nines in spangly vests, spats and top hats. Another half dozen, dressed in the same get up, will play percussion (washboards and rattley ringy thingys). And lastly, a few kids that sing like Canaries will warble away on songs like "I Been Workin' on the Railroad" or "Eerie Canal".

Man, if I could only tapdance like my brother, Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection.


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