Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dogs, Ukes and a Tiny Cheerleader

This morning Dil Dog killed a chihuahua that wandered on to the grounds of the estate. The second chihuahua kill in 10 days by the same dog and for the same reasons. That has to be a record. Mommas don't let your chihuahuas out and about. Dilly seems to have lost a little of his mind since a seizure a few weeks back.

Today was the first meeting of the Riverside Ukulele Liberation Front in the year 2008. 4 or 5 of the veterans showed up as well as some old friends not seen for awhile. The afternoon was
low key but fun. There's some disease going around that makes you sound like Mom's Mabley if you get it. So the turnout was light. And the Mabley's were many. The new girl from Redlands played a neato version of "Landslide" (she was the most accomplished player today) as her 4 year old daughter walked around and stuck cool little stickers on each of our hands. I got a tiny cheerleader. At last.

Tonight it's pouring rain and the dogs smell funnier because of it.

And Obama is double digits ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire.


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