Friday, January 11, 2008

Ukes From Afar, Hair on Fire, Broken Windows and Curry

Viv taught me to use EBay the other day. Bad idea. I've got two ukuleles arriving by mail any moment now.

One is a Hopf bass(?) uke arriving by way of Oklahoma and the other is this seismo old A. Schoenhut banjolele from Florida. The banjolele reminds me of the Terry Mead banjo/uke I bought in Cayucas last summer. The design is vaguely similar. It looks like a frying pan or a campfire popcorn popper.

I'm so tired of waiting for them. It's been 11 days.

The Woodchuck Children's Youth Orchestra will be playing their first gig at the Rio Nada School Board meeting this Monday. They will be busting their chops on "This Land is Your Land" and be making a strong argument for the restoration of the arts in schools by their very presence. The kids play like their hair is on fire. Not bad for a bunch of nine year olds.

And we found out this morning that KNBC TV News out of L.A. is coming out on Tuesday to do a feature on the Orch. We will be singing and laughing and I will be witty when asked goofy questions. Should be on in the afternoon, PST. Consult your local cable listings. Look for Paul Moyer. Or Fritz Coleman.

We will be bigger than the Beatles. Or Iz.

Princess took some fine photos of a car that drove through the window of a local Quizno's. Driver thought it was a drive through. I'll post them when I learn how.

I could use a big bowl of curry right about now.


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