Saturday, January 12, 2008

Las Pilitas en Escondido

Bro Atom Bomb and myself, with a notion in our fuzzy heads to go green, took a cruise down the ol' 215/15 to Las Pilitas Nursery. Las Pil is a native plants nursery about 3 miles north of Lawrence Welk Village (where I got my Actors Equity card years ago) on the old 395 Highway. The address is in Escondido, but the place is in the middle of nowhere. The closest "town" is Rainbow, which is near the I-15 Border Patrol checkpoint. There is also a Las Pil near San Luis Obispo somewhere.

We got off the I-15 at Gopher Canyon and turned south to Larry Land to see what was playing at the theatre and to see if I knew anyone in the cast and, of course, to whiz.

Yikes!! The show was a Liberace tribute! A one man show! We left the theatre.

Having completed step one of our Larry Land adventure, we set out to complete step two: the whiz. And, oh did we.

Then something awful happened. As we were walking thru the shops and eateries of Larry Land, it dawned on us that we fit in. We looked like everyone else! We were now old enough to be a Larry Land target clientel!

I don't have to tell you that we got in that car and amscrayed outta there as fast as we could before someone tried to sell us a condo! Hell if I'm gonna be a Larry Land demographic!

So down Old 395 we went in search of native plants. Las Pil's a great place. Tons of stuff you won't find anywhere but California and not a pesticide to be seen. I bought a Salvia and three bushy things and Bro bought what I do not know. But it's for his hill and the chihuahua next door. Something with lotsa thorns and I think it's poisonous, too, I hope.

On the way home we saw where the Fallbrook Fire had been last month. It is unbelievable the damage done to the hills on either side of I-15 and equally unbelievable to see buildings that had been saved. We didn't see any structure damage. But there was a lot in other areas.

Safely back in Rio Nada, we found ourselves at an Irish pub that served curry and Cobb Salads, is run by a guy named Eduardo and owned by MacDonald's. But we did have a real Irish waitress named Laura and we were surrounded by the younger generation.

And after all, Bro and I remain unwaveringly hep.


Anonymous bullthorn said...

lawdy!!! you're back. After checking your blog 265 out of the last 365 days it's finally alive. now that my arms healing think I'll start my own. unwaveringly hep as well

7:23 AM  

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