Thursday, December 21, 2006

Honk! Honk! Bozo! The Clown in the Expedition.

Princess had water polo practice today. So I drove her up the hill in our little '95 Toyota. We pulled into the parking lot and drove down to the end of the aisle and stopped. The gates to the pool weren't opened, but there were swimmers walking in on the other side of the fence.

"Where are they getting in?"said I.

"Probably through the locker room door,"said she.

"Why would that be opened today?" said I.
"Car backing up! CAR BACKING UP!!!! CAR BACKING UP!!!!! said she.
And this clown in his huge Ford Explorer (You know, the one with the thing that beeps in the cab when your going to back into someone or something!), backs the barge into the shotgun door of our oxidized but undinged little car. The sound of the car door crumpling was all we could bear.

The bumper was about 6 inches below the eyelevel of the Princess. She could have rolled down the window and removed his license plate tag with her teeth if the door had not been crushed.

The clown and I trade info without saying much.

But I did ask if his daughter was on the water polo team and when he said "Yes." I said "Then we have two things in common."