Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things I Saw Today

Good way to jumpstart this mofo ala Bro Atom Bomb:

+ A coyote that had lost the war with the sedan.

+ Cans of debris from the house on Brockton of an old man who died. He used to sell rebuilt bikes from the parkway. The bikes were chained to a hitching post.

+ A message on my phone from Zoto saying she had reached her new job safely by taking the Rio Nada Rapid Transit System.

+ An entire box of brand new Prang Crayons broken into pieces and scattered beneath the desk of the child to whom they belonged.

+ The scars on a child's head where they drilled to relieve pressure from his skull after he was shaken vigorously as an infant.

+ Zoto riding behind me on her bicycle.

+ A Stop sign that someone had sawed off and left in the road.