Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stuff I Saw Today

1. A red headed kid w/ a mohawk showing me the found jawbone of a gopher.
2. Two boxes of competing brands of cinnamon toast crunch cereal.
3. Cops on Washington Avenue pulling people over left and right.
4. A maple muffin that I had to eat.
5. A new oak tree planted to honor the memory of a blue-eyed Ukester boy who died a few days after Thanksgiving. There is a boy made of Legos on Pier 39 in the San Francisco assembly at Legoland that is modeled after him. He is wearing a black and yellow hat. If you see him, say "Hi Jared!". He would like that.
6. A dozen multiplication problems written in pencil by a nine year old hand.
7. Six burritos and six chicken tacos in a cardboard carrying case.