Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Charo!

The Rio Nada local newspaper has been a piece of fish wrap since it was purchased from the local owner by a big Texas concern. And I can prove it:

1. They cancelled Mr. Boffo.
2. They support Humpty Smirky Bush.
3. They no longer keep us up to date on the local mayhem.
4. The obituaries are impossible to figure out.

Lately, they've added a new feature that is mildly amusing, but I'm not sure why.
It's a little box in the corner that has the birthdays of different celebs, some living, some dead.
It's sorta fun to compare these dates with your own B-Day to see where you stand in the Grand Scheme of Geological Time.

But today they went too far. They listed Charo as being born in 1951! That makes me one year younger than Charo! Never! This can't be true! Anyone who knows who Charo is will no doubt find this an outrage of the greatest proportion! Charo is at least 81.! She's older than her birthday!

First Larryland and now this.


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