Saturday, February 09, 2008

Let the Sunshine In

It's 85 degrees Farenheit today in my neck of the SoCal! Damn the cold! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Princess made another incredible cell phone discovery today. If she pushes a few buttons on her phone, it can identify the song title and artist of whatever song is playing on the radio. She nailed some Della Reese song yesterday on the way down the hill from Woodchuck. I tried singing Ole' Man River into the thing, but it couldn't figure out who I was.

Viv and I went to the Pizzazzy Pizza Kitchen last night for a practice B-Day dinner. We were joined by Princess and her friend for desert. They devoured a slab of gooey death chocolate in-yo-face slathered up with a creamy ice cream on your bosom blend. Watta mess it could have been.

Round midnite, Liam ran out of gas up the hill beyond Woodchuck. I nearly had to go rescue him. But a friend was able to round up a can of fossil fuel to power the VW home. It's all downhill anyway.

The Big B-Day Dinner is tonight. Lotsa friends at either Raymundo's or Anchovie's. Should be fun. We'll probably dance on the tables, gravity permitting.


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