Saturday, January 26, 2008

Anniversary # ?

I don't remember when we were married. Between 20 and 25 years ago. And we practiced for about 7 years prior for good luck. I guess you have to add that on.

Viv and I were married at Eden Lutheran Church in Rio Nada California. Both our families have a history there. My Ma and Pa were married there. It's a stately brick church sitting on a bluff overlooking the Tequesquite Arroyo across from Mt. Rubidoux. It was built with sweat and blood by a bunch of Swedes in the early 50's. Working men not to long off the boat. It has a beautiful stained glass window that catches the sun at the perfect angle every afternoon. There is a Fellowship Hall, about 3,000 square feet, just west of the Sanctuary that was built by the same Swedes one Saturday afternoon, I've heard. We Canarys did a uke concert for the 150 year anniversary of the church.

In the late 60's, someone broke into the Sanctuary and torched it. They also broke the left pinky finger from the statue of Jesus at the alter. The Swedes cleaned up the mess and repaired the place. The pinky was replaced but now it's an inch or so too long.

When Viv and I went in for our marriage interview with the Pastor, he called me a cradle robber. Viv is 6 years younger. We giggled at that.

The wedding was on the cheap. The Church was 50 bucks with a limit of 50 people. The friends that we couldn't invite showed up anyway. And there were a few. What I remember most clearly about the wedding is Viv's dad coming down the aisle. He was very ill and he walked the whole way. And, of course, I'll never forget Viv. She was wearing a cream-colored wedding dress with matching high laced ankle boots with heels. She got the dress at Harris' for another 50 bucks. She fixed it up (She was a theatrical costumer for awhile) and her hair was all spikey. She looked wonderful. She still does.

What I remember most about the ceremony is that the Preacher's vestments had little felt balls all over them.

The reception was held at our old house on Grenbriar St. We bought a cake (At $90 bucks, the biggest expense) from Simple Simon's just after it opened. It was a two-story rasberry chocolate thing with Ionic columns that were sorta leaning to one side. We had a bunch of beer and some baked beans. There might have been some barbecue involved. The stereo did not survive.

It was the clearest, warmest January night ever and we danced until morning 'neath the full moon.


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