Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pricess Gets Carded, The Rabbi Gets New Hips and The Canaries Sing and Dance

Princess got carded for liquor today! She's only 16 years old!

We were at Trader Joe's and amongst the tofu and organic muffins in the basket was a bottle of Coppola Shiraz that I placed there because it looked pretty tasty. So the checker is checking us out and I hand my money card to Princess so she can do all the money biz while I stand there looking at the Airborne anti-cold drops. The checker says to Princess "Are you the purchaser of this wine?" And Princess sorta giggles a bit and the checker gives her a mini-stinkeye. Princess looks to me for help and I say "Hell no. That's my moneycard." Sheesh! I was standing right there. Did she truly think that Princess was going to buy a bottle of wine? I should of said she was buying it for me.

Anways, Princess likes Australian Merlots.

Albie's dad, the Rabbi, went in for surgery today in a hospital on the coast.. He had some hips replaced and it looked to be a bit risky because the Rabbi is 92 years old. We were all concerned.

But Albie called and said everything went well and the Rabbi is being very crabby and hard to manage in his post-op condition. I told Albie "Wait 'til he eats the food!"

I may cruise down to the beach and have lunch with him at Bonehead's later this week.

The Canaries, Billy (me), Brother Atom Bomb, and Donita Curioso got our ukes together last night and worked on a song called "Tweedledee" by LaVerne Baker. It has a Big Mama Thornton kinda feel to it with some semi-complicated do wop biz in the background. Lotsa rhythm going on too. Ms. Curioso found the song and she sings the beejabbers out of it. A little polishing and it will be bitchin' and twitchin' time. I get steamy just thinking about it.

God Bless the human who invented the cowbell.


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