Thursday, February 07, 2008

Time Flies When Yer Having Fun, Picture in the Paper, and a Fan

My sweetie, Viv, turns fifty tomorrow. We met at Licorice Pizza Records and Tapes in beautiful Rio Nada oh so many years ago. Seems like yesterday. She is still lovely to behold. Happy B-Day sweetie!

My picture and a small article on the Woodchuck Ukesters was in the News-Suppress today. I also got a Podcast. The Podcast voice pronounced Ukesters with a short u. I was miserably paraphrased and misquoted so as to render my word jewels and ruby wisdoms powerless, turgid and uninspiring. What's a boy to do.

I also received an E-Fan mail. Sheesh. The fan wants to contact me. Probably wants to start a fan club.

What next? Papparrazi?

I'm starting to feel like Brittney Spears.

I'm also relieved to read that they've busted some Indian (as in India) doctor in the stolen kidney caper. Maybe they can retrieve the stolen property.

I hope the put him in jail and feed him nothing but mud cookies.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!


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