Sunday, February 03, 2008

R.U.L.F. = Right Underwear Lifts Fannies

The Rio Nada Ukulele Liberation Front had it's Super Bowl Uke Circle today. It was a dreary day, and few were expected to attend due to the Bowl and the drear. Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection was ill with something akin to scrofula. And since no one is happy with a bout of scrofula, he stayed home with a bottle of Southern Comfort which he would occassionally zap in the microwave for 40 seconds so as to increase its therapeutic impact. He should be good as new sooner than expected.

Surprise, surprise! We had had an excellent turnout of happy football haters. Kurt, Karl, Liam the Boy Uke Genius and his Pa, Doe, Terrance, Rocky, Randolph and family, new guy Rich and moi all giggled our way through some of the old Hymn numbers (Jamaica Farewell, Daydream, Up On the Roof, All I Have To Do is Dream, etc.) and a coupla newies. Liam and his Pa brought in a Dead tune (something about a devil) that was great. Terrance did a Social D. song that was great as well. Doe did Sukiyaki buy Kyu Sakamoto. Lovely, as usual. I putzed through Daydream Believer, which hasn't hit it's stride as of yet. Rocky did a hilarious song buy a guy named Zimmerman (but not the Zimmerman).

I don't know about them, but I had a wonderful time. I always leave with a buzz of the natural kind. Sorta like when I'm on It's A Small World. Even with all that drear hanging around.

Bro A., being the brains of the outfit and being absent, left a wee hole where leadership and harmony should have been. So we started off with a small thud but were jumpin' pretty quickly.

Hurry back, O Atom Bomb Brother. Your minions await your basso guidance.

Halftime during the Super Bowl is when your not supposed to flush your toilet because everyone in the Universe is flushing theirs as well. Just imagine.

Well, everyone is ordering pizzas, too. Princess ordered three and when the pizza guy arrived he called and left a message on our phone that said "If you want your pizzas, you better come out and get them" (we live pretty far from our gate).

So I walked to the gate and the pizza guy looks like the troll in Three Billy Goats Gruff and I say to him with a touch of sarcasm "You guys busy tonight?" And he slowly turns his head to me and gives me the double stinkeye.

Then he says "Should I punch you now, or later?"

Pretty cheeky for a troll who works for tips. Maybe he was from New York?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that was the best football game I've ever seen.


Anonymous bullthorn said...

Actually that was one of the worst football games I've ever seen. But I live in Boston. The entire city woke up this morning to the realization that overnight they'd had one of their kidneys yanked out and kicked thru the uprights. And worse, a grateful nation no longer needs dialysis. Yipee!! I'd throw a ukulele party to cheer myself up, but I don't play ukulele.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Donita Smith said...

You mean you actually saw it?

Yeah, that was fun yesterday but we needed the BABoR. Southern Comfort, eh? And here I was feeling sorry for him.

8:13 PM  

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