Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rain Reign Rein

It's raining again. I hate it. I wish there was a law that said "rain only at night". Or that the rain would have to maintain a 36 inch perimeter around me that would follow me around wherever I go so as to keep me dry.

I know there's a drought. I lived in Santa Barbara during the great drought of '78. I know the routine. I take short showers, water my lawn sparingly, and sometimes I don't flush when I whiz (Well, not so often, really).

I was going to rent the basement of a house up on Milpas near McConnell's and I said to my friends "What if it rains?"

They said "It NEVER rains in Santa Barbara!"

That winter it rained like a mofo gigante! There was a front page picture in the Santa Barbara News-Suppress of the poor coed who rented the place. She was standing in that basement up to her knees in water.

It coulda been me!

Instead, I spent the winter dressed in garbage bag raincoat riding my seatless bike all over Isla Vista during the deluge. I swear I was pruney for three months.

Some old hippie even went so far as to begin construction of an ark out near the teepee village. He's probably still living there.

This storm may be his last big chance.


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