Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Australian Boys

Princess and I did the MLK Walk-a-Thon today here in Rio Nada. The Beechwood crowd came along as well. The walk starts at the park across from the Baptist church up on the Eastside and runs down MLK Blvd. to Main St. and then up 7th St. to the Muni. Lotsa food and speechifyin and 5 rock bands. Probably about a three + mile walk. We all ended up at Farmer Boy. Too late for the Breakfast Burrito tho. Bummer.

The Beechwood crowd had two teens from Australia with them. They were exchange students for a week. Two excellent kids. Witty, personable and engaging. And they talked funny. Last night there was a barbecue in their honor and we sat around and sang with some guitars and ukes. Taught them a few Woodie Guthrie songs and we all made an attempt at Waltzing Mathilda with minimal success. One of the Aussie kids had a great voice. They're flying back to the homeland tonight.

All good gifts to Donita and family, whose courage, wisdom and compassion will surely see them through their trying times. xo.


Blogger Donita Smith said...

Aw, gee, Bill. (sniff) I'm sitting here at work reading blogs. Thanks for the warm fuzzies. Shedding a wee tear here.

That was fun last night. Let's keep it going. Next time I'll have a song or two and I might even be able to sing.

Wow, those kids came all the way from Australia and only stayed for a week? That's just not enough time for a full American indoctrination.

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