Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Rainin' Ukes

I've been in the News Suppress and on a local TV station a few times in the last couple of months with regards to the various Uke ventures I'm involved with. People call and send EMails and otherwise make contact with you when they see you in the media. One old friend EMailed and said her hub had just played drums for Jake Shimakoburo the weekend before and had talked Jake into signing a poster and 2 CD's over to the Woodchuck Ukesters. The Ukesters were happy has clams.

Last night, an old Garden of Eden Church member called me out of the blue. Her name was Flora and I remembered her from when I was a kid because her Hub's name was Wimpy. I never forget a Wimpy.

She was calling because she was the executor for the estate of a 103 year old lady who had just passed on. The old lady's nephew was supposed to be the executor but she got pissed off at him and cancelled him and gave the job to Flora. Flora said she couldn't refuse a 103 year old lady.

Flora had the old lady's ukulele, which had been found in the bowels of some closet, and wanted to give it a good home. So, having seen me in the paper, she called and offered it to me. I said I would be happy to put the thing to good use and will pick it up tomorrow.

So, hooray, another uke in the house! Little wooden babies everywhere!


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