Monday, July 28, 2008

Ah, Fame, You Glorious Bauble

Last night we played in various combo configurations at the Folk Music Center Open Mic in Claremont. Leemie, Princess, Bro Atom Bomb, the Legendary Donita Curiouso and moi all played a song or two at some point with others of us being accompanists for each other and with great success. It was a rowdy evening with a boisterous crowd, great playing and singing and a night like Atlanta in August. We were sweatin' like rancid pork.

High points were Jerry and Ellen doing a smokin' version of I Shall Be Released and Mac doing a song about trying to square dance after many mint juleps in Tennessee.

Flash forward to today at about 3:00 PM. Leemy and I are in Trader Joe's, a good 40 miles away from the FMC, talking with our favorite checkout girl, Joanie, when the guy behind us says to Leemy "Hey, weren't you at the Folk Music Center last night?"

Leemy says "Why yes." And they guy starts telling him how great he was.

I says "I was there too!" and the guy sorta blows me off. Hmmpf. And he says "We're from Denver and we're traveling around playing at open mics all across the country."

That's great see ya later.

And in co-ink-ee-dink con multipo, on our way out, someone at another checkout was overheard saying "I been playin' the horses in Del Mar," a place where we have been known to haunt. And lose.

So Leemy and moi sang "It's a Small World" all the way to the truck, hopped in and cruised off in to the purple haze.


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