Saturday, July 26, 2008


Liman was talking on the phone to his bud named Bunjie at about 2 AM this morning when suddenly he hears this horrifiic scream coming from Bunjie's end of the phone.

Bunjie lives in the Toolies and it seems some creep took some girl out to the Toolies to make out and the make out turned into an attempted (or actual) rape. The girl made it into Bunjie's backyard and was screaming like crazy. Bunjie turned on the giant lights in the back and found the girl naked, hysterical and very drunk (drugged?). Bunjie and his Ma and Pa took the girl inside and clothed her and called cops. The perp ran off into the Toolie hills and, as I hear it, was captured. One can only hope.

Nearly one year ago to the day Bunjie was carjacked and threatened by another creep, who was captured.

Liman says he is haunted still by that scream.


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