Friday, July 25, 2008

It's All Happenin' at the ZOO

Bro Atom Bomb, Pammmmmm, Bil, Lola and Lola's Squeeze and Yours Truly went to the zoo today. The one in San Diego. We all drove in seperate but equal cars so as to do our own personal part to encourage Global Warming. We are so so bad.

I headed out about 10:00 AM and zipped down the Rio Nada Expressway at a tidy 80 miles per hour with the stereo at about 97 decibels. It was a beautiful day. I did notice that the are alot of mansions being built along the freeway in the hills. This is bad. The hills were just fine the way they were.

I stopped at Larryland to do the whizz thang and to check the theatre marquee to see if I knew anyone in the show. Not a soul. They are all so young. That acting biz is a kids gig fer shure, dude.

I also recalled that now I am a member of the Larryland demographic.

I bought a can of chips and a root beer at the Larryland Market and toodled off in a southerly direction.

I pulled into the Zoo parking lot and parked in the two-humped camel section. I bought my ticket and walked over to wait for Bro by the stinky flamingos. Pammmmm and friends were already at the Zoo near the pandas. I decided to do the whiz thang again whilst waiting for Bro. As I was standing at the Whizzer (waterless at the San Diego Zoo), doing what one do at the Whizzer, my phone, which is buried deep in my pocket, goes off, playing my newest ringtone: Heath Ledger saying in his Joker voice "It's simple, we kill the batman!" It doesn't just play once, it plays over and over as I stand there at the Whizzer. The place cleared out pretty fast.

The Zoo was a great time. Of special note was the lizard outdoor enclosure containing all manner of tiny lizards running about catching flies and doing some sort of lizard mating dance whilst gazing at Bro ( Maybe Bro is the actual Lizard King). We also hung out at the Zoo's the three huge aviaries. We just sat in the big bird cages watching and listening. At first you would see one bird, then another and then all of a sudden you realize that there are hundreds of birds in these enclosures. Neat and Tweet!

As we were leaving, a skywriter was writing what eventually said "Seek the Six" so that the entire city could see it. But nobody knew what it meant. The City of San Diego is freakin' tonight!

Bro and I left the Zoo nature sated, yet hungry. So we cruised up the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped at the world famous Encinitas Cafe and ate a scrumptious dinner of mac and cheese with brocolli and roll for he and a salmon burger with tater salad for me.

As we hopped in our cars and tore out there, our waitress, a lady named Twinkles, ran to the door and waved and we could hear her say as we drove off into the sea mist "Come back, O.K.?"


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