Friday, June 20, 2008

Headin' South Right After I Head Northwest

Goin' to Solana manana. Gonna write a passle o' songs. Gonna scope out the open mic scene in San Dago County. Gonna see some Shakespeare in the Balboa Park. Gonna hang in Encinitas near that Amercan diner on PCH near the Left Wing Nut Radical Activist Tree Hugger Store that sells stuff made outa hemp. Ain't no horse races yet at the track. That's next month. Shit! Gonna go ta Old Town and drink me a shot of 40 dollar tequila and buy a cigar to go wit it. Gonna sun my belly at Dog Beach and chill at Swami's. Gonna buy me a used book and some funny postcards and then talk to some old surfer about nothin'. Gonna get a muffin in the morning at the old train depot-turned-coffee joint and read a local paper. Gonna miss my wiff and kids. Gonna see Shamoo.


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