Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bye Bye World Tour and LAX Round Midnight

The Canaries World Tour ended with a whimper at Maui Wowie last night. Lotsa family and friends showed, most with some manner of glittery henna tattooing on their bods.

We played a coupla sets. Liam showed and sang "I Shall Be Released" beautifully. Princess sang "I Will" as well and did a superb job in spite of the fact that I forgot to tune down for her, causing the song to be a wee bit high in key. She's trooper and was still all shiny and smiley.

I never want to sing Jamaica Farewell again. That song has outlived it's usefulness. I'm starting to feel like part of a lounge act. Cack!

Afterwards, Bro A. and myself had the distinked pleasure of driving 70 miles into LAX to pick up the niece at 11:38 on Air Trans Airlines. If you like LAX during the day, you will get all shivery with excitement being there at night. Beautiful lighting that shimmers on the grime.

Flying into LAX was cheaper. Unless you have to spend forty dollars on gas. Watta looonnnggg night.

There was this guy driving around thru the parking structure picking up baggage carts on this little vehicle that had a long string of said carts trailing behind like a silvery anaconda. It was neato. I want that job. For a few hours.

Bro A. and Em both had their buttocks suddenly transferred 6 inches to the left without notice when the luggage carousel they were sitting on began to move. Only the buttocks moved. Not the owners. Making a very strange buttocks transferrence sound. Nearly a tragic buttocks occurrence. The buttock jaws of life may have been needed. Specially trained buttocks incident EMTs might have been needed. A buttocks is a terrible thing to waste.

"We may have to amputate!"



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