Monday, August 11, 2008

Dr. Lan's House and the Smilin' Ayalas

Went to Lan's House the other evening. Lan turned older so we had to celebrate while we had the chance.

Lan is a Doctor of Native American History. He used to go to local sweat lodges with the Natives and the Sioux would show up at his house now and again when they were in town. It's a Native thing to share, so they did. Admirable. What a concept, taking care of each other.

Kev was there. he's been a friend of mine since 5th grade. The year of the Cuban Missle Crisis. We had a redhead teacher who had a thick Southern accent. We thought it was cool because the only South we know is South California.

We told bunches of funny stories about the good ol' days. One of my favs was about our high school English teacher's Great Dane named Hamlet. Kev remembered a time when Hamlet tried to begin an historic interspecies breeding program with our friend Henry's right leg. Ah, love.

I met Hamlet in Boulder, Colorado when I went to visit Ms. Cloy at her mansion in the hills. The danged dog had his own fully furnished bedroom and a double bed to boot. He'd ramble in there every afternoon about 2:30 to take his nap. Every time he walked he would inadvertently fling gobs of dog goo from his slobbery mouth. One needed a raincoat when in his presence. Or in Henry's case, some protection.

The Swing was also a subject of fond conversation. What we could remember.

The Swing was where the Rolling Stones had their first North American Concert. Everybody played there, from Elvis to Zappa and from the Ramones to Jimi. They even had Roller Derby there.

One sad day a guy who owned a bunch of Mexican restaurants crashed his airplane into it. I have two pieces of it in my front yard. And memories in my head. What I can remember.

I lost my cell phone the other day. The one that says "It's simple...Kill the Batman!" in Keith Ledger's voice.

We were all calamitous about it being lost.

Then a lady who spoke muy poquito Ingles called my wife's phone. My wife speaks muy poquito Espanol. It was sorta funny listening to them try and communicate.

We figured out that they were at Home Depot (where I had just been) and we rushed over there and found them in the parking lot. They were the nicest people. We were all laughing and talking different languages to each other. We offered them a reward but they refused it. I wanted to take them home and have a barbecue or something. I felt sorta sad that we couldn't know them better. The Ayalas. They are people that you meet once but remember for a long time.

While they had the phone, they must have heard "It's simple... kill the Batman!" thirty times because we kept calling and calling. They must have thought we were nutty.


Blogger vivage said...

hahaha, I don't even speak muy poquito ingles. Good thing the girls down the street speak spanish!

Dr. Lan and Rob are some of my favorite peeps, it's so easy to slip back into the good friendship without thinking at all.

7:57 PM  

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