Thursday, August 14, 2008

San Onofre Deux

I went on another adventure today. Same choices. I went to San O. Trail 6 again. Last time it was a calming experience. This time it was relaxing as hell but weird and goofy too.

The State Park borders on Camp Pendleton, which is a huge facility that has war game things going on on both sides of the 5 Freeway nearly all the time. Tanks and other military vehicles are roaring around, usually East of the beach, whilst helicopters swoop low over the Western side, the beach side. I mentioned before that the beach is nearly all smooth stones except where the amphibious vehicles have made shore. At the far South end of the beach, spilling over into actual Camp Pendleton, many folks enjoy the beach sans clothing. So just to make things interesting, today 4 troop carriers drove North on the beach thru the waves nearly the length of the Park, which is more than 5 miles. The Southerners must have felt a little intruded upon. The constant thudding sound from the bombs on the other side of the 5 added to the weirdness.

And there was this Chinese guy that spoke absolutely no English wandering around taking pictures of the troop carriers as they drove by. This is an actual Chinese guy. Not a national threat kinda guy. But a jittery Chinese kinda guy. Nice enough, but a little jumpy. Wouldn't he be having more fun at the Olympics?

A soothing day in spite of the War going on around me. But I nearly finished the Beatles book. Next time, maybe.


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