Monday, August 04, 2008

Wild Ukes, Stingrays and Sportive Tricks

Leems went off to Long Beach yesterday to do some windsurfing and was stung by a stingray (is the past tense of stingray stungray.? Or, for that matter, bee beed?).

The handsome lifeguards took, nay, spirited him away and stuck him in hot water to heal the wound. Some have suggested that peeing on a stingray wound will fix ya right up. Someone saw that on Survivor ( lotta really smart people on Survivor).

They made him walk back all the way to his beach site. They must be working for Ahnold's minimum wage plan.

A real pile of unruly people showed for the Uke Circle yesterday. Man, it was fun.
A bunch of great singers and players and about 3 newbies. Chuck sang the Banana Boat song, Anna, 2 Bottles of Wine, Bro A Bomb sang his song about the guy with no hands trying to pet the dog with no head, Do sang her middle-aged woman with a teenaged mind song, and Sandra brought some Fats Waller into the house. A swell time was had by all.

The a bunch of us went to The Royal Falconer Pub to see Sportive Tricks, an Irish band from Long Beach that does songs more in the old trad style. Had some curry and chips and a few nasty dark beers (that's a good thing) and was reminded how bad the table service really is there.

Late Saturday, Princess needed a hot dog from Weinerschnitzel, so we drove over and pulled up to the speaker. From the speaker wafted this incredible voice: "May I have your order?" it said in a timbre fit for only for radio talk show.

When we got to the window, we found that the voice came from a rotund lady with one tooth who probably had been in the sun for too long. But watta voice.


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