Tuesday, August 12, 2008

San Onofre

Went on an adventure today. I decided to go to either the Wild Animal Park, Idylwild, the Beach or the Desert. I ended up at San Onofre. Not bad. Only cost ten bucks for a day pass.

I drove down to trail 6 and hiked down this somewhat steep trail to be beach. Cool bluffs all eroded and craggly and lotsa human made rock sculptures. The whole beach was smooth stones.

Except where the amphibious water vehicles had landed. They scraped the rocks clean. The part of the beach I went to is on Camp Pendleton property. Many giant helicopters flying around. Really loud.

The nuclear reactor is just North of where I was. Spooky yet cool looking.

I sat on a hillock and read a Beatles book written by their engineer. I was the pastiest and oldest human there, easily. I was not the most corpulent.

A very relaxing day.

By the by: Vivage's blog says that I brought her a giftie of flowers and dark chocolates. What she neglected to say that when I gave her the gifties, I was in the nude.


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Ok, now I'm dizzy.

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