Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mr. Sanders Falls Down

Mr. Sanders fell down today. I heard it.

Mr. Sanders is the 90 year old father of an old friend of mine, Suzanne Corners. He is the original owner of a huge 78 year old house on the corner of Champion Way and Mongolia Ave. and he lives there with his wife, Mrs. Sanders. The house is surrounded by large organ pipe cactus as well as yucca and other succulents and is guarded by a small yappy dog named Moloch. I was at Susan's wedding some 30 years ago when she was married in the house.

I was on my evening walk thru the Woody Streets this evening when I heard one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up" noises. I looked over and saw Mr. Sander's laying on his walkway with Mrs. Sanders trying to help him up.

I went over to help. I told them who I was and Mrs. Sanders remembered me.

Mr. Sanders was bleeding a bit from the elbow and trying mightily to get up, but gravity had the best of him.

But, for a 90 year old, Mr. Sanders knew what he needed to do. He maneuvered his way to all fours and with a little help from his friends (Mrs. Sanders and Moi with hands in pits), he rose like a firkin' Phoenix, grabbed the danged walker and high-tailed it into the house. He was bounding.

Then he came back out and told me to turn off the water!

Man oh man, I hope I'm that strong when I'm 90. Hell! I hope I'm that strong when I'm 57!


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