Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leems Is Properly Rude

Leems and his circle of friends have been doing what some would call "vandalism". In the style of British guerrilla artist Banksy, they have been wheat pasting different images on utility polls and walls around Rio Nada, usually in the wee morning hours. Their best effort so far was a 9 foot angel that they pasted on a wall where a 16 year old at their school had crashed his motorcycle into the gym wall and was killed. The angel was stunning and poignant.

Other figures, equally as wonderful, have been a 7 foot Indian warrior and a life size Ahnold in his muscley days with a pair of lip marks on his shoulder. They also hung hundreds of paper airplanes in trees in a park with notes that said "These airplanes are for fun and please clean up your mess."

Leems has this theory that if you look like you should be there, you could paste in broad daylight without being hassled.

So today he and a friend tested the theory out on a signal "cupboard"in the center divider of one of the busiest intersections in town.

No sooner had they pasted the poster than a man started yelling at them to "Keep the city beautiful!" After taking a canvas bag away from them (Illegal:theft), the Yeller called the police, who showed up right away.

The female officer said " Why did you do it?"

Leems said "Because it looks good."

"Give her an educated answer!" yelled the Yeller.

And Leems said "Because it is aesthetically pleasing!" with a slight nod of the stinkeye to the Yeller.

Leems and friend offered to wash it off and did so.

All this beneath the shadow of two billboards with flashing lights, a 76 Union Gas sign that spins, some Orange County landscaping, a burnt umber with neon restaurant and some unimaginative and hideous corporate architecture.

Reminds me of that great Frank Zappa quote: "Americans wouldn't know beauty if it came up and bit them on the ass!"


Blogger Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

If beauty did bite an american on the ass, that american would want to build a wall at the border to keep beauty out and then require airports to require everyone to take their shoes off before boarding a flight so they could tell which passengers were terrorist beauto-fascists. Then, when beauty bit them on the ass again, they'd blame the liberals.

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