Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ahnold and the Astronaut

Here's the lastest Ahnold update:

You may recall that a guy called Batboy and some co-conspirators wheat pasted a life size Ahnold in his muscley days on a utility pole up in Orange County Crest. Within a few days it was removed by the authorities.

Within hours, the vandals put up a sign that said "I'll Be Bach!"

Well, a few days later, the neer do wells rehung an Ahnold, only this time it was a Treminator Ahnold with a red LED light eyeball that shown into the night as if to warn the ships of OC Crest of rocks and wrecks and sandbars.

The authorities returned and tore assunder the handsome paper guvinator, once more cleaning the pole of all debris.

Save for the lone LED eyeball shining red and evil in the chill, black night. It would not be moved!

And still HE LIVES!!!

And I think I saw Wally Schirra pasted in his spacesuit.


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